Hello World

Why I started this website?

Well, basically, I always have the idea of making my own website. However, it would be too hard for me to build it from rough. Recently, I discovered a really pretty template that could be used directly. So, I started this website.

What would be here?

Just like the title you see on the top of blog page, my blog will cover all of my strange thinkings or my diary. If you see the tag “friday”, then it means the blog you see will be a type of diary, including any thoughts of mine.

But, if you find other tags other than “friday”, then you will find out something else.

How was the day?

Well, it was raining. Gentle rain. I was struggling with some works that you might be able to find them in the publication page. Or not…

Tired, but not exhausted.

Hopefully, there will always be a way out.

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